Instructions to the Authors

La revue de Chirurgie d’Afrique Centrale publishes original articles, leading articles, general reviews, clinical facts, letters to editor, notes of techniques and articles of medical pedagogy.

General conditions of publication

The manuscripts should have been the subject of no former publication nor to be in the course of publication in another review. The texts must be seized in double space, in bill of character 12, 25 lines per maximum page, and be addressed in numeric version to the address of the review with forwardly to address of editor –in- chief.

Layout of texts

The first page of the manuscript must comprise the title of the article, the initial ones of the first names of the authors, the denomination and the complete address of the institution in which work was carried out, titles and the teaching hospital affiliations of each author, the complete address with telephone number of the author, who must be sent the correspondence. The provision of the manuscripts is as follows: title page, summaries and key words, text, references, tables, and legends of the figures. The page must be numbered in the order, the first page being that of the title page, and the last that of the legends of the figures.

  • The original articles should not exceed 15 pages, references, figures and tables not included. They must systematically comprise an introduction, a material and method chapter, followed by results, and a discussion.
  • The leading articles are requested by the drafting, and do not exceed 6 pages, references included, and limited to 10.
  • The clinical facts and the note of technique should not exceed 6 pages, references not included, and limited to 15.
  • The general reviews can be requested by the drafting. They should not exceed 20 pages. The references are not limited.
  • The letters to the editor must count to the maximum 2 pages, and 5 references.

Generally, the abbreviations must be avoided as much as possible. They must be indicated to their first appearance in the text, after the expression of the word which they shorten. It is necessary to avoid employing them in the title and the summary.

Summaries and key words

An English summary and a French summary not exceeding 250 words accompany the manuscript. This summary must be structured in the following way, for original work: objectives, methods, results and conclusion. For the clinical facts and the technical notes, the summary should not exceed 100 words. 3 to 5 English and French key words must appear under the summaries. They must be extracted from the list of the key words of the Medicus Index.


The references are numbered in the order of appearance in the text, in Arab numerals and between brackets. The abbreviations of the titles of the newspapers must be those which appear in the Medicus Index. The references are presented according to the style know as for Vancouver.

  • For a review: Bambara AT, Nsonde Malanda J, Nkoua Mbon JB, Gombe Mbalawa C. Récidives des cancers du sein opérés à Brazzaville. Carcinol clin Afrique 2011; 10 (1): 38-42. When there is more than 6 authors, to quote 3 first, follow-ups «et al».
  • For chapter of a book: Branchereau A, Gournier JP, Magnan PE. Anévrysmes de l’Aorte abdominale et insuffisance circulatoire cérébrale. In: Kieffer E. les Anévrysmes de l’Aorte abdominale sous rénale. AERCV Editors, Paris 1990: 197-204.
  • For a book: Champault G. l’opéré abdominal. Masson, Paris, 1982.

Tables, figures and illustrations

The tables are numbered in Roman numerals in the order of their first quotation in the text. Each table is typed in double space on a separated sheet, mentioning the number of the table and its title. The contents of the tables should not make double employment with that of the text. The inside structure of tables may not require horizontal or vertical tracts. The curves, diagrams, and other illustrations are numbered in the order of their first quotation in the text. The documents must be of professional quality.